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Zarifa Ghafari has bagged Asia's Outstanding Women Leadership Award

Ms.Zarifa Ghafari daughter of Abdul Wasi, was born in 1992, in Kabul and she is basically from Dawran  Khel village of Chak District of Maidan Wardak province. Now she is living in Kabul. Ms. Ghafari is an intellectual, enlightened young and moreover she is a brave, civil activist, loyal to  country and people, and defender of women rights cadre who have studied elementary education in Rahman Naswan high school and following accomplished higher education in the field of Economics up  to Bachelor and Master degree from India.  

Subsequently by completion of higher and professional education Ms.Ghafari worked in various aspects  in order to serve the country and people. Considering women & young situations and obligations she  started work for Afghan Women Protection and rights. As part of this initiative, Ms.Ghafari established  the “Afghan Women Development and Help Foundation '' and the most vital and crucial efforts of this  foundation was to advocate for women inclusion to Afghan National Army and specially those helpless  girls where living in almshouses and reaching legal age.  

Taking into account, Ms.Ghafari honorably and continuous services for people welfare, the residents,  youths and women of Maidan Wardak province trusted her and was appointed as a Youth Parliament  representative from Maidan Wardak province where she is still working for youth empowerment,  social development and problem solutions and more.  

Ms.Ghafari also has made efforts to bring strong relationship between people and state, share public  information and knowledge among public states and people. She has invested in the media sector and  established a PEGHAL FM radio in Maidan Wardak which is the most marginalized province. She has been  trying to share information among people and state, women rights, residents political, economic and  social consciousness development through a professional and standardized broadcasting program. Ms Ghafari for now is appointed and working as the first female mayor to Maidan Wardak province since  24/04/1397. 

Awards: She was listed in 100 inspiring and influential women from around the world for 2019 by BBC,  she was awarded as International Women of Courage by US Secretary of State at 4th March-2020, she  was listed The Badass 50 2020: Women Who Can Change the World by InStyle and many more awards  and lists inside country from Different Organizations.

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