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Young Achiever Award
September 14, 2021

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September 14, 2021

Young Achiever Award

By Sivapragasam Disanth
September 14, 2021

Asia's Innovative Product of the year Award

By ROE Pvt Ltd
September 14, 2021

Asia’s Outstanding Service Award

By Haritha Network
September 14, 2021

Asia's Multi Talented Young Achiever Award

By Dulana Gajaba Kaluarachchi
September 10, 2021

Motivational Speaker Of The Year

By Ram Dulip Randombage
September 08, 2021

Asia's Achievement in Growth Award

By Dr Shan Bandara
September 06, 2021

Asia’s Outstanding Fastest Growing Company Award

By Widerac Lanka Pvt Ltd
September 04, 2021

Asia's Outstanding Hotel Award

By A Sivasubramaniam
September 04, 2021

Asia’s Brand Builder Award

By K Suranga Kumara
September 04, 2021

Asia’s Innovative Brand of the Year Award

By Achini Jayasinghe
September 04, 2021

Asia’s Educational Entrepreneur Award of the Year

By Nashif Abdul Razzak
September 04, 2021

Asia's Social Impact Award

By Nilanka Gunarathne
September 04, 2021

Asia's Best Vocational Training Institute Award

September 03, 2021

Asia's Management Excellence Award of the Year

By Chirath Ranathunga
August 20, 2021

Asia's Teaching Excellence Award

By Renuga Ramanathan
August 13, 2021

Asia's Outstanding Women Role Model Award

By Achini Jayasinghe
August 10, 2021

Distinguished Achiever Award

By Rohan Jayawardena
July 29, 2021

Asia's Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year Award

By Mahesh Wijerathne
July 26, 2021

Asia's Outstanding Online Skills Provider Award

By The Business School
July 21, 2021

Asia's Innovative Landscaping Award

By NHK Holdings Pvt Ltd
July 13, 2021

Asia's Business Manufacturing Award for Innovation and Quality

By Bitulink Emulsion Pvt Ltd
July 06, 2021

Asia's Outstanding Engineer Award

By Dulana Gajaba Kaluarachchi
June 23, 2021

Asia’s Journalist Of The Year Award of the Year

By Roshan Pethum Sri Jayakantha Wijerathne
June 23, 2021

Asia's Best Multidisciplinary Research Award

By Dr Nirosha Wedasinghe
June 18, 2021

Asia's Exceptional Women of Excellence Award

By Disani Adihetti
June 07, 2021

Asia's Outstanding Business Leader Of The Year

By Chaminda Hindurangala
June 03, 2021

Asia's Outstanding Healthcare Award of the Year

By Nishadini Pallage Arachchi
May 31, 2021

Asia's Outstanding Journalist Of The Year Award

By Saranga Pathirana
May 27, 2021

Asia's Outstanding Service Award

By Dinuka Chandraratne
May 04, 2021

Asia's Best Innovative Healthcare Company Award

By Arogya Life Systems Lanka Private Limited
April 23, 2021

Asia's Outstanding Chief Instructor Award

By Amerjan Siddiq
April 15, 2021

Asia's Innovative Achiever Award

By Aloka Nishaditha Wahalawatta
April 05, 2021

Asia's Outstanding News Portal Award

By Live 24
April 05, 2021

Asia's Small Business of the year Award

By Ma Trading
April 05, 2021

Asia's Emerging Women Leader Award

By Dr. Thilini Abeypala
April 05, 2021

Asia's Outstanding Nursing Officer Award

By Galabada Rallage Shalith Shamilana Bandara Athurupana
April 05, 2021

Asia's Outstanding Award in Facility Management

By Floor Care Service
April 05, 2021

Asia's Volunteer Award of the Year

By Harshini Perera
April 05, 2021

Asia's Award for Best Mindfulness Coaching Award

By Srihan Ariyasinghe
April 04, 2021

Asia's Outstanding Anchor Award

By Nadeeka Karunanayaka
April 04, 2021

Asia's Outstanding Global Coach Award

By Pushpika Subhashini Mullakanda
March 23, 2021

Asia's Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award

By Nilu Anandappa

Young Achiever Award

By Admin

!! CONGRATULATIONS !!! Sivapragasam Disanth, All

Asia's Innovative Product of the year Award

By Admin

!! CONGRATULATIONS !!! Rohan Jayawardena, ROE Pvt